This series of small ceramic sculptures started during a residency at the European Ceramic Work Center in 2018 and is an ongoing project. I am still finding the language that goes with this new work – negotiating the terrain between where it started and how it's taking shape. On a basic level, the forms are a way of exploring growth and change – processes that have been at the heart of everything I have explored as an artist.

My practice is fueled by a love of materiality and my recent focus has been on the use of clay as a medium for sculpture. I am inspired by the way that clay is a shape shifter – a material that morphs and molds and mimics the world around it. Each sculpture in the series combines branches, ropes, and man-made knots, that have been molded in clay and abstracted around a central form. Experimental glazes that bubble and foam on the surface, or crack and peel, help suggest something in flux, often conjuring up notions of something geological or something inside the body.
Since moving to the coast of Maine in 2014, I've been interested in rope as an object and the use of knots. I love the physicality of rope – the way you shape it with your hands – it is a tool that gives us agency and control and means for survival and it's ripe with potential for metaphor. With that in mind, I see this new work as exploring personal and collective struggles to grow and change, and the desire to have a sense of agency and control in that process. It is a response to what I see as a time of collective struggle that a lot of us are feeling in a visceral way, and a time that feels like it will etch its mark in history, especially with regard to the environment and our fraught relationship with nature.

The work is intentionally small scale and through an installation of small, intimate forms, I hope to invite viewers to slow down, and to look closely as they move through the space. I see each small sculpture as both a world of its own and part of a larger complex whole and I aim to draw the viewer in, to enliven the senses and to encourage an active exploration of surfaces, and forms that can elicit a wide range of associations, ideas and conversations about ourselves and our relationship to the world around us.
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