Works on paper

Each work is an accumulation of cut and layered sheets of paper, which allows for a wonderful process of adding and removing elements. This approach parallels the way my installations evolve through the slow accumulation of parts and both approaches allow for the kind of risk taking and experimentation that are central to my practice.
Cutting and layering emerged as a way to explore notions of depth and structure in relation to the biological. It’s also a way to think about what’s beneath the surface and I am compelled by the idea that there’s always more to discover and that there are still layers of knowing and understanding beyond our grasp.
The drawings are increasingly sculptural with recent works consisting of forty to fifty layers of cut paper. I love being able to exhibit these works with sculpture installation because the small scale of the drawings invites you into a more intimate space while the larger scale and physicality of the sculptures surround you in a related environment.
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